About Us

The Center for Animal Healing is a unique veterinary facility offering affordable, compassionate and comprehensive care for dogs and cats.

Our approach is to evaluate each patient as an individual and to seek to provide for their physical, emotional and nutritional needs.  Our emphasis is on:

  •      The structural integrity of the body (chiropractic care)
  •      Energetic stimulation (Laser, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Homeopathy)
  •      Nutritional therapy (High quality diets and appropriate nutritional supplements)

Every living organism has the innate capacity to heal itself given the proper support.  Disease or dis ease is due to an improper balance of structure, function, emotion, or nutrient input.  Our goal is to correct those defects in the least invasive and most humane method possible.

Dr. Paul Rowan DVM

Dr. Rowan graduated from veterinary school at UC Davis, interned and did a surgical residency at the Animal Medical Center in NYC, He spent a year as a Fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital and School of Medicine in NYC. Dr. Rowan founded the first veterinary hospital for cats in NYC (The Cat Practice) which is still in operation today. He moved to Virginia Beach and took over Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital in 1985.

The shift from traditional to holistic veterinary practice:

In 1995, Dr. Rowan began to suffer severe lower back pains. “I was taking way too much pain medication without getting better. I had seen chiropractors intermittently up to that time and had some improvements, but I was still not healthy. Then I began to see Dr. Mike McLain who asked me if I just wanted relief from my current discomfort or if I truly wanted to get well?  Get well, of course, was my response. “

Within three months Dr. Rowan was off all pain meds and six months later felt younger and better than ever.  “I wanted to learn how I could pass this blessing on to my patients.” With Dr. McLain’s help, they located a school in Illinois founded by Sharon Willoughby, a veterinarian and chiropractor, who felt that neither chiropractors or veterinarians possessed enough of a skill set to apply spinal manipulative techniques to animals.  However, by combining their techniques and learning together could become proficient in animal chiropractic.

Dr. Rowan completed his certification in animal chiropractic in 1998 and immediately incorporated it into his regular practice.  At the same time, he was studying veterinary homeopathy under Dr. Richard Pitcairn and began to integrate that into the practice as well. It became apparent that his approach was somewhat incompatible with traditional veterinary medicine, so Dr. Rowan left his practice and and founded Animal Chiropractic, which is now The Center for Animal Healing, in 2001.