Dr. Rowan Interviewed on WVEC


Dr. Rowan’s unique healing services have grabbed the attention of the local news station WVEC. Back in May of 2012 Lucy Bustamante interviewed Dr Rowan to gain a better understanding of how animal chiropractic, micro current and laser therapy work.

The full interview is below.

NORFOLK — When Dr Paul Rowan, DVM, found himself on one pain medication after another in his search to heal from a major back injury, he turned to chiropractic care. He says he was off of medication in six months – pain-free.

So the veterinarian thought if it worked to get him back on his two legs, than why not learn chiropractic care for his four-legged clients.

Maria Fallen has witnessed Dr. Paul Rowan take her greyhound, Spark, off his death bed.

Spark was in so much pain from a bulging disc, she did not see how she could let him live that way.

After an emergency veterinarian gave her medicine and told her not to let him walk for six to eight weeks, she decided to bring him to Dr. Paul Rowan. It was her last resort.

She says, “I may be insane. I got on Google and I found Dr. Rowan and by Tuesday, this dog was walking.”

Dr. Rowan says he won’t use his surgical skill on dogs with degenerative diseases because he says medicine can’t stop degeneration.

He says, “I knew that in chiropractic, that’s not true. You can halt the degenerative changes – slow them way way down.”

Spark stays calm as he adjusts the vertebrae and gets his spine into alignment. Dr. Rowan then hooks him up for a frequency specific micro current therapy session.

He says, “There’s a specific frequency that will affect inflammation in the spinal cord and it can do what no drug can do, because no drug can penetrate the blood brain barrier.”

It’s a very low electrical frequency. He says each section of the body has its own frequency to which cells respond.

The electrical current brings down the inflammation in his spine. Spark sometimes sleeps through it. Now at home, he runs up and down the stairs.

From thinking that I was going to have to put my dog down on Sunday and then come Tuesday thinking this dog is going to be with me for years. That’s worth it for me.

The doctor says it works on his bigger patients, too – like Jillian’s white pony, Joey.

Jillian was actually showing Joey when he got hurt.  Another horse t-boned him right here in the shoulder. They both fell down. She flew off, and ever since then, Joey just hasn’t been right.

Her mother, Christy Ehrenzeller, says “He went from having a front-end lameness to a lot more relaxed, having a smoother gate, no more head bobbing… like he’s more comfortable.

Dr. Rowan describes, “It takes a little bit more force with a horse.”

He starts with adjusting the vertebrae in his spine. Joey’s shoulder used to be tight. He seals his therapy with a laser beam. He says this helps speed the horse’s cells to heal faster by enacting a compound called ATP in the cell that increases the speed for the cell to heal itself.

Dr. Rowan says, “His shoulder problem is gone.”

Ehrenzeller says “The day after the second treatment was so unbelievable.”

Joey is now cantering again. In a matter of weeks, Jillian will be able to show her pony again.

Each chiropractic session with Dr. Rowan costs about $90, depending on the problem.

He is one of three in the entire Hampton Roads area, in a small but growing field.

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