You are what you eat!  You’ve heard it at least a hundred times because it’s true. Our companions are the same.

Dr. Rowan: “As much as I appreciate technology, we have moved into an incredible world of dog and cat foods formulated from ingredients that these animals were never designed to consume.  These ingredients are then cooked at incredibly high heat, squeezed through a pelleter, coated with a chemical to enhance their ‘flavor’, packaged and shipped to a warehouse.  They may sit there for weeks to months in cold, heat, humidity before being shipped to a distributer and finally arrive at their point of sale. Once the bag is opened, the ingredients are then exposed to additional degradation depending on how quickly that bag is fed. We scoop it out and toss it in a bowl or, worse, put it into a self feeder (a la feedlot style) and consider the job done,”

There is a better way to approach this.  Our dog and cat friends deserve real food, and we recommend a homemade diet.  Even if cost, time, and a host fo other responsibilities keep you unable to create a homemade diet (by far the best way to feed), try to include a little extra portion of your grocery purchase to provide some fresh supplement to your four-legged friend.

And if you are feeding dry foods, be sure the ingredients have minimal to no grains and that the grain sources are certified GMO free.