Micro Current

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Microcurrent therapy utilizes electrical current in millionths of an ampere to stimulate healing and to reduce pain in affected tissues. We utilize this type of therapy at the present time to treat primarily spinal cord and orthopedic injuries but we are finding that it has much broader application for treating a multitude of other conditions.  At the present time, Dr. Rowan is one of only three veterinarians in the world trained in this field.


Treatment is conducted with the patient and human companion in close proximity because it requires 45-75 minutes to complete. Moist towels are placed on the body to conduct the current and alligator clips are connected to the current source and clipped onto the towels. For most patients the experience is generally relaxing. We are also able to conduct treatments at home and it is possible to purchase a device and self treat ones’ own pets after specific training.


The use of electromagnetic frequencies to speed healing and reduce pain originated in the 1870’s and was popularized by osteopaths and MD’s until 1934 when the American Medical Association decreed that drugs and surgery were the only acceptable methods of treatment. Because the license to practice was controlled by the AMA, those doctors utilizing electromagnetic devices lost their licenses and this therapy disappeared until the 1970’s, when ground breaking work by an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Becker demonstrated that healing could be initiated with minute electrical stimuli that would then allow the natural healing capacity of the body to take over.