The Art of Healing

My goal as a doctor of veterinary medicine has always been to help my patients recover from injury and/or illness as quickly as possible, so they can return to a comfortable life. In those instances when their illness or injury has been too severe for hope of recovery, my goal has been to make their passage as gentle and pain free as possible. My efforts have not always turned out exactly as I hoped, but my failures have taught me valuable lessons.

I am starting this blog to share some of the lessons I have learned in my 45+ years of working with animals. My growth in knowledge and experience over these years has come from direct patient contact, studying the greatest minds in health and healing, and most importantly, listening to and sharing information with you, the caretaker and advocate of your companions.

This has not always been an easy journey for me. Fresh out of veterinary school and an intense internship, surgical residency, and fellowship program, I had an impressive store of academic and technical information that I wanted to use to the best of my ability. One problem was that this knowledge was only helpful to a very small part of the veterinary patient population. Secondly, its cost would be prohibitive to all but the most financially well prepared pet owner.

I decided to take a year off from my formal training and just immerse myself in day-to-day veterinary care. That sabbatical has extended now for over 45 years, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m looking forward to sharing the results with you.

I hope to add a segment to this blog on a monthly basis. My topics may appear arranged haphazardly at times, but the goal of this blog will be to start a dialogue. I will not be reiterating a conventional medical approach unless it has definite usefulness in a given situation. You may not agree with my views, but I hope they will stimulate your thinking about your health and healing as much as it’s application for your four-legged companions.

Dr. Rowan

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